Youth Media Workshops

Midland Film Institute (MFI) offers two basic youth media workshops: MFI Youth Blog Workshop™ and MFI Youth Social Media Workshop™. MFI collaborates with educational centers to customize the workshop curriculum to cater to their student body.

MFI Youth Media Workshops, which incorporate 21 century learning skills as outlined by The Partnership for 21st Century Skills and the four P’s of media production (pre-production, production, post-production and presentation), are designed to teach the youth to use critical thinking skills, to create,
to collaborate and to communicate using electronic media.

The intended outcomes of the workshops are to empower the participating youth by introducing and teaching skills on how to communicate their creativity for pleasure or to expand into entrepreneurial endeavors. The workshops provide the participants hands on experience on how to brainstorm in a group and as an individual, develop, create, showcase their work for a peer review, and post on a personal blog. During the
workshop, the participants are required to collaborate with each other as peers and as
creative resources.

* All of the workshops include a segments of media literacy, privacy protection, peer
respect, and basic copyright fundamentals.

The appropriate ages for the workshops are 12-18. MFI recommends the participants
to be within a two year age range of each other.

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